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BLK-Max has achieved a new milestone with its AI surgical robots. The robot helps surgeons to improve the accuracy and precision of surgery.

AIIMS also announced its teleconsultation schedules. Indian hospitals and healthcare are rapidly evolving toward smarter healthcare.

BLK-Max is a private hospital situated in Delhi. They are constantly working toward innovating technologies that improve treatment quality. The robotics program is one such attempt by BLK-Max authorities. They also started using AI surgical robots to support and uplift the surgical process.

The development of AI surgical robots for joint replacement surgery is a big step toward harnessing soft power. According to the press release, the AI robot mimics the motion of the patient’s joints. This also helps in minimizing the stress on the nerves, muscles, tendons, and sinews.

The machine support provides pain relief for the patient during the surgical process. The surgeons can attain enhanced accuracy, balance, and alignment with Robert’s support. The technology also helps surgeons to pre-plan the surgical process by simulating the joint. The AI also helps get patients’ exact state and range of joint motion pre-surgery. It reduces the chance of human errors and malalignment of implants.

The AI surgical robots are a new addition to their robotics program. The program also includes Da Vinci Xi robots for liver and kidney transplant surgery support.

AIIMS will soon start its teleconsultation flow-up program. The aim is to make the follow-up consultation procedure much smoother and easier. The organization will also implement the changes from April 2023. The pre-trials have been under surveillance by the cardiology department since early November.

Medix India and Mpower are collaborating to provide mental health solutions to India’s healthcare. Medix India is a health management solution provider dedicated to providing useful solutions. With its collaboration with Mpower care programs, they are aiming to do a complete mental health service. This will also give Medix India costumes access to Mpower healthcares and online mental health services.