SHL Telemedicine, a pioneer in advanced personal telemedicine solutions, has announced the expansion of its services in Israel to include the capability of performing at-home Biomarker blood tests. This innovative diagnostic tool is designed to swiftly identify cardiac markers indicative of a heart attack, marking a significant breakthrough in emergency cardiac care. SHL Telemedicine’s at-home biomarker blood test is said to be the first in the world as well.

The newly introduced at-home Biomarker test is a pivotal addition to SHL’s comprehensive cardiac diagnostic suite. It enables the rapid identification of cardiac events by combining a detailed medical history (anamnesis), a 12-lead ECG transmission, and now, the Biomarker blood test. This trio of diagnostic elements provides a complete assessment akin to an emergency room evaluation, all from the comfort of a patient’s home.

When a cardiac event is suspected, SHL’s telemedicine protocol initiates with the collection of the patient’s medical history and an ECG transmission. The Biomarker test is administered as the final diagnostic step. The telemedicine team guides patients in real-time on performing the blood test and remains in constant support until emergency medical services arrive. Remarkably, the results from the Biomarker test are available within just ten minutes, offering critical insights during the crucial symptomatic phase.

Erez Nachtomy, CEO of SHL Telemedicine, highlighted the significance of this advancement. “The ability to perform at-home Biomarker blood tests in Israel is a significant advancement in our mission to revolutionize accessible cardiac care,” said Nachtomy. “This innovative approach not only speeds up the process of diagnosing heart attacks but also significantly enhances the safety and efficacy of at-home cardiac monitoring.”

The integration of the Biomarker test into SHL’s telemedicine services represents a transformative shift in emergency cardiac care, offering patients rapid, reliable diagnostics without the immediate need for hospital visits. This capability is particularly vital in reducing the time to diagnosis, potentially saving lives by ensuring timely and accurate treatment interventions.

SHL Telemedicine continues to lead in developing and marketing personal telemedicine systems, focusing on cardiovascular and related diseases. The company provides medical call center services and personal telemedicine devices to subscribers, utilizing telephonic and Internet communication technologies.


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