You must be aware that the pandemic that started in late 2019 and spread all over the world in 2020 has created havoc all over the world. Now that a few years have passed since the pandemic first started and we have had the time to test out the vaccines, and most of the world population has had at least two doses of the vaccine, it looks like things have settled now. However, we must say that China is still battling with the virus as they adopted the zero-tolerance approach for the last two years and locked its population as soon as a case was found. Since then, China has changed their approach, and most of its population has now had the virus infection as well.

Talking about COVID-19 and China, we know that the virus was first discovered in China and spread from there. While the Chinese authorities say that the virus originated from a local open market in Wuhan, there is a strong theory that claims the virus spread out from a leak inside Wuhan laboratory and that it is man-made. This theory was even supported by former US President Donald Trump and his supporters blamed China for the virus. While it looked like things had settled, a new report from the Energy Department in the US has reignited the debate of the origin of this virus.

The Energy Department of the US, in its report, said that lab leak is the likely origin of the COVID-19 virus and as soon as this report was published, the Republicans started to support Donald Trump and others who had told about this few years back. They say the country needs to apologize to those who already said about the leak theory and were trolled. A Republican Party Member even said, “Being proven right doesn’t matter. What matters is holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable, so this doesn’t happen again,”.

The White House still denies the report saying that “There’s not been a definitive conclusion, so it’s difficult for me to say, nor should I feel like I should have to defend press reporting about a possible preliminary indication here”