Are you looking for a painless alternative to the traditional, prick-based blood sugar measurement devices usually offered by healthcare professionals?

Thankfully, these days everyone can afford and use the non-invasive glucometers that have captured the medical market.

These either use vacuum blood-drawing methods or body-fluid reading techniques – the latter being a revolutionary experiment that is yet to become normalized. Would you like us to tell you about this in more detail?

If yes, keep reading to understand the many qualities of some top glucometer tools and what makes them unique!

How Can Blood Glucose Be Measured?

For those with lifestyle diseases and cardiac illnesses, reading their blood sugar from time to time is a necessity. If you have diabetes, you might need to know your blood sugar not only when you push yourself to have a cheat day but also when you are excessively stressed, worried, or feel hormonally compromised.

Similarly, every individual with such a condition irrespective of age and gender must check their sugar before meals and bedtime.

But, does this mean we have to constantly visit the blood lab to stay in the best health? For a long time, that is what doctors believed should ideally happen. 

A few decades ago, this obstacle was solved with the invention of a blood glucose meter that could be used by a patient at home even without the supervision of a trained professional. It included a small automatic blood glucose reading screen and a tiny prick that could draw blood to make this reading possible. 

Now, technology has thankfully come another step further, and we no longer need to draw blood to know our blood sugar levels!

Yes, these days reading surface-level body fluids or below-surface sensing provides an accurate understanding of the blood sugar level of the patient at a given point in time.

5 Blood Sugar Monitoring Devices For Everyday Health Care

Blood sugar testing devices are an essential aspect of everyday life for thousands of people across the country.

But as we mentioned above, not everyone wants or can have their blood drawn regularly. Let us look at the top 5 needle-free blood sugar testing machines available to patients in the US today:

1. Dr. Trust Glucometer

Top 5 Devices That Painlessly Monitor Blood Sugar in 2024
Dr Trust

One of the best blood sugar testing devices, Dr. Trust is a standard glucometer that is portable and can easily be used at home. It has been marketed to be “fully automatic”, meaning the patient only has to take care of changing the strips on time. Most kits come with 10 initial strips, while some even include a Lancing Device. These devices usually use painless vacuum technology to draw microscopic amounts of blood that are then tested for glucose, especially ketone levels. Most of these blood glucose measurement devices do not use an app instead the device itself has an LCD backlit display that instantly projects the measurement for the patient to view.

2. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer Kit

Top 5 Devices That Painlessly Monitor Blood Sugar in 2024
Accu Check

Everyone loves Accu-Chek. And why won’t they, when this easy-to-use, no-prick blood glucose measurement device happens to be one of the most accurate measurement tools available in the world? It uses an LCD screen to display blood glucose measurements which in turn relies on a data chip. This non-invasive CGM uses blood glucose measurement strips that give results within 5 seconds. Most of these devices employ a 2 button reading process and have a memory of up to 500 results. These days, Accu-Chek has started releasing device models with Bluetooth connectivity so that readings can be stored long-term and measured against one another to know about the general health status of the patient.

3. Noviosense Device

Top 5 Devices That Painlessly Monitor Blood Sugar in 2024

Switch to a highly accurate, no-pain alternative to a traditional glucose monitor patch with the new Noviosense Device. The Noviosense Tear Glucose Sensor has brought revolution to the world of healthcare devices – this sensor can check the levels of glucose in the blood using other body fluids like tears and sweat. The sensor is placed on the lower eyelid which brings it in contact with the eye fluid. The wireless device makes the reading within seconds and transmits the information onto the Noviosense app. Controversial for modern medicine, some researchers have claimed this device to be one of the most accurate possible measurements while others have pointed out the many side effects of using tears as a regular blood glucose sample. Will you ever try Noviosense? Don’t forget to let us know!

4. Contour Next One

Top 5 Devices That Painlessly Monitor Blood Sugar in 2024
Contour Next One

Another awesome blood sugar monitor without finger pricks is the Contour BGM kit, praised by health professionals for its versatile, non-invasive glucose monitoring technology. The device uses test strips that can sense blood glucose measurements. The result is displayed on the Contour app within a few seconds. This data can be directly shared with health professionals in the form of concise but detailed reports. Contour is super affordable, with the initial kit only costing about 30 USD. Last but not least, this is a safe kit that users can easily take home in a non-prescription situation. 

5. Dexcom G6 CGM System

Top 5 Devices That Painlessly Monitor Blood Sugar in 2024

This CGM device can automatically monitor and track blood sugar levels, initiating alerts whenever blood sugar spikes above normal standards. The device is directly connected to a mobile/computer app that stores passed readings and integrates them to form weekly and monthly reports. One Dexcom sensor will last a patient for 10 days and a transmitter will last up to 90 days. Additional sensors and transmitters are included in the kit, and patients can easily purchase more using their health insurance cover once the initial kit runs out. The simple user interface on the app as well as the minimum effort tracker makes Dexcom a top choice on this list.


The availability of painless glucometers has made reading blood sugar levels possible for those who cannot tolerate daily blood draws. This includes children, persons with special abilities, patients with anemia and other blood diseases, etc. Such tools are fortunately becoming increasingly versatile as new technology keeps reaching the masses. Let us all collectively explore and accept non-invasive healthcare technology as much as possible so that we can ensure the adaptation of healthy lifestyle choices easier for friends and family. This is not just about preferences but about cost-effectiveness, too!