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VR training is being used more openly now. New Zealand reports covid to undercount. PH Club is bringing in Centrik. The NSW government released a toolkit for women.

Latrobe Regional Hospital and Vantari VR have collaborated. Latrobe Regional Hospital is a specialist referral and trauma center in Gippsland. The partnership also has the aim to upgrade the training imparted to the personnel. However, the main focus is on the VR training of medical personnel.

Kylie Larkin is the medical operation officer at LRH. She said that VR training provides real-world experience to the users. However, the development of skill and knowledge is extreme in this simulated environment. A multi-dimensional approach toward patients is also developed in this manner.

New Zealand is famous for its healthcare system. It has one of the most advanced systems in the world. But recently, they reported an undercount in covid19 hospitalizations. After further investigation, they also found that issue was a minor coding imbalance.

Phoenix Health Club is a new GP in central Christchurch. They have joined Webtools, a healthcare software provider. Both of them are going to partner together to set up Centrik. Centrik is a connected care platform. It also functions as a consumer health app.

Centrik is the point of focus for all medical information. It can integrate into a platform. Phoenix will also use it to transfer on-site services to the online mode. This can stimulate patient engagement on the Well mobile app very easily.

The NSW government has broken all barriers and taboos. They have released a revolutionary online toolkit to help women. The toolkit deals with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. The toolkit gives “accurate” information. The locations of government-funded clinics are also mentioned.

Brad Hazzard is the NSW Minister for Health. He even said that this toolkit could save lives also. The toolkit is free and available online for this purpose only. The negative outcomes because of menopause can be dangerous sometimes. It is vital to talk about it openly.

Te Whatu Ora appointed new people in regional data and digital fields. Megan Miline for the north and Stephen Miller for the central region. Garry Johnston is there for the Te Manawa taki region. James Hallison is going to head Te Waipounamu

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