WHO urges countries to ban the use of e-cigarettes

We know that any type of smoking, particularly when it comes with nicotine, is very dangerous for health and can cause cancer. However, it is worth noting that even if e-cigarettes are claimed to not have nicotine then also they are found to be dangerous when consumed daily due to many substances present in it which are equally as harmful as nicotine. However, it is seen that many countries around the world have been banned the use and consumption of cigarettes but have not done anything to limit the use of e-cigarettes. This is why the WHO has come into action and asked countries to ban the use of e-cigarettes as they pose a significant risk to health. In July this year, American Heart Association also said the use of e-cigarettes is harmful to heart and lungs

WHO said in a statement that countries that “permit commercialization (sale, importation, distribution and manufacture) of e-cigarettes as consumer products” measures like “banning all” flavors of electronic cigarettes, putting limits on “the concentration and quality of nicotine” and taxing e-cigarettes are needed to “prevent uptake of e-cigarettes and counter nicotine addiction” in the release. WHO added that “Urgent action is needed to control e-cigarettes to protect children, as well as non-smokers, and minimize health harms to the population”. “E-cigarettes as consumer products are not shown to be effective for quitting tobacco use at the population level. Instead, alarming evidence has emerged on adverse population health effects.”

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in the release that “Kids are being recruited and trapped at an early age to use e-cigarettes and may get hooked to nicotine,”. “I urge countries to implement strict measures to prevent uptake to protect their citizens, especially their children and young people.” A scientific statement writing committee also said in its statement that “There has also been research indicating that even when nicotine is not present, ingredients in e-cigarettes, particularly flavoring agents, independently carry risks associated with heart and lung diseases in animals,”. “Negative effects of e-cigarettes have been shown through in vitro studies and in studies of individuals exposed to chemicals in commercially available products.”

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