You must have heard the famous saying that there is a good and a bad side for everything in the world and we can prove this right for everything that is and will come into existence. Talking about things in existence, we now have a new technology in health industry which is known as telehealth and it is the option of consulting your doctor online and getting the prescriptions while in the comfort of your own couch. This means that you don’t have to visit a clinic just to get a medicine prescribed. While this is convenient, we are now seeing the disastrous side of it as well because of the shortage of Ozempic drug in the market.

It is worth noting that Telehealth is seen as the main reason why Ozempic drug is in shortage right now. This is because telehealth practitioners have started prescribing the Ozempic drug which is given to type-2 diabetic patients to non-diabetic patients as well and the reason behind this is weight loss. There has been a major rise in the sales of Ozempic drug because of the notion that it can lead to weight loss because it can control blood sugar and cause you to eat less.

This has led to people who have type-2 diabetes not being able to get the Ozempic drug and suffering because of that. The most amount of popularity for Ozempic was driven by TikTok where charts show that its hashtag was extremely popular and viewed by millions around the world. While Ozempic is not a drug for weight loss, the same company had approved a drug named Wegovy for weight management but did not have it ready until 2022 which meant that people started taking Ozempic as a substitute.

One of the major reasons behind Ozempic’s popularity was celebrities such as Elon Musk, in particular, crediting the drug for their weight loss. After that, the rise of the sales for these drugs have been immense and have led to a shortage in the market for those who really need them. The drug Wegovy has also been called as a “vanity drug” and refused to be covered under insurance by many companies.