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Telemedicine is now offering more flexibility for patients. This change has come after the pandemic. Hospitals are also gearing up for it.

The pandemic has prompted many healthcare systems around the world to think hard. The problems they faced led to more innovations and ideas. One of the things among these was care delivery models. Many public and private healthcare systems are also preparing to design new telemedicine systems.

Ronald L. Emerson is the Global Healthcare Lead at Zoom. Benjamin is the APAC leader at Zoom. Mr. Emerson shared a lot about these things in his keynote session. Mr. Lin also moderated this session. Zoom’s research has been fundamental in this manner. It found that patients who have used telemedicine now prefer the hybrid mode.

Telehealth or telemedicine does not mean that we shift all things online. It also implies that, post-pandemic, many healthcare systems are working on hybrid models. These hybrid models are often complemented by research. However, we should allow the patients to decide the level of care they want and the way they want.

Hybrid models are on the rise in many healthcare systems. Virtual visits are also becoming popular among patients. Cost reduction is also the biggest advantage for both the system and the patient. Providers of these virtual services also consider many points. Zoom has done wonders by bringing in fewer workflows and integrating them. This increased the efficiency of the healthcare systems.

The pandemic was a turning point for the world. It made the world think about the problems it was ignoring. For example, the problem of decentralized healthcare. With models like telemedicine, decentralized healthcare can also be a reality. Now, hospitals are putting more effort into making sure access reaches everywhere.

Virtual health is now a significant part of every hospital in the world. Hospitals can use the virtual world to improve patients’ mental and physical health. But some hospitals are yet to adopt these systems. These hospitals should first integrate the virtual model into their care provision system.

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