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Baptist Health is to utilize Epic-linked technology. It will redefine the process of diagnosis of the treatment plan.

The Baptist health will be using asynchronous telehealth from Epic-Linked. This will encourage the evolution of any prescription in less than 25 minutes. An EHR from Louisville, Kentucky, discusses all the lessons staff learned from Pandemic. In addition, it enclosed all the data featuring the first year of the pandemic. This will help in reassessing the organization’s virtual care strategy.

Baptist Health’s vision is to improve for both patients and providers. It believes in redefining the process with asynchronous telehealth. It will ensure virtual tools which can encourage meeting overall goals. There is a continuous struggle to meet the community’s needs.

The changes encourage the need for more capital investment. Healthcare calls out the need to stabilize margins and also add up the great cost involved in it. We will also see the availability of available technology. Finally, there will be the definition of accessibility and efficiency issues.

It was high time to bring the right tools and establish a better grievance redressal. There was also a search for continuous care options. Baptist is continuously looking for opportunities to define better patient access.

One of the learning incorporates, “We also learned that, as a system, we need to be ready for this cultural shift,” Oliver said. “Before COVID, video visits had trouble gaining traction, and technical quality was lacking. However, the same folks back then who were saying, ‘Hey, that wasn’t so bad,’ are the same ones who are primed and helping move us along this cultural continuum.

There are a total of 400 outpatient facilities. They cater healthcare services in 80 plus Kentucky counties. Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Tennessee are some of the others. They also believed in breaking down geographical boundaries.

Digital tools have lost their interoperability and integration with the EHR. We also encounter the administrative burden. There was a severe need to do it for providers.

Baptist Healthcare dealt with the problem by reassuring the right telehealth asynchronous telehealth.

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