Amazon Prime members can now get One Medical membership for $9/month

You must be aware that Amazon launched its nationwide telehealth services earlier this year in all the 50 states of US and it is known that the program has been a successful one so far. It is also worth noting that given the reach of Amazon and the affordable aspect of telehealth means that it was always going to be a hit. Now, Amazon wants its telehealth services to be subscription-based as well because the company has just announced new plans for its One Medical membership which will cost you $9 per month or $99 per year. This is nearly the same price you pay for your Amazon Prime subscription as well and it is worth noting that the One Medical membership is not included with Amazon Prime.

Amazon, in a blog post, announced that “The new One Medical membership covers unlimited access to 24/7 on-demand virtual care, including video chats with licensed providers within minutes and an easy in-app “Treat Me Now” feature that lets you get fast care for common concerns such as cold and flu, skin issues, allergies, urinary tract infections, and more. Virtual care is available nationally, and members don’t incur any additional costs for on-demand virtual care services—it’s all covered by the membership. And, One Medical’s app makes it easy for members to navigate care and stay on top of their health journeys—from prescription management, secure messaging with providers, follow-up action items after appointments, and more”.

Amazon Health Services’ Senior Vice President said, “When it is easier for people to get the care they need, they engage more in their health, and realize better health outcomes. That’s why we are bringing One Medical’s exceptional experience to Prime members—it’s health care that makes it dramatically easier to get and stay healthy.” Amazon also added testimonials of those who use One Medical’s services. One of those read, “The video care 24/7 really is a life saver. Had a respiratory virus a couple of weeks ago and it was great not having to drag myself into the office.” Another user wrote, “I love One Medical. Blew my mind that I spent my entire appt. with my doctor, vs. sitting alone in a cold room for 20 min after a nurse takes vitals, only to see my doc for 1-2 min. Truly a revolutionary experience.”

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