Telehealth faces an existential crisis now

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Public Health Emergencies won’t last forever. With it, telehealth services can also see their last day. The impact of this on healthcare can be dangerous.

Telehealth has benefitted a lot of people post-pandemic. But the emergency can’t last forever. This means that telehealth will eventually end. There is a lot of confusion over patients’ loss of access. But PHE will get renewed again for one time.

Mr. Biden recently declared that the “pandemic is over”. After this weird statement, there was a state of panic among hospitals. They are now gearing up to end all the telehealth services they provide. The public should know when their telehealth services are going to end. Else it can cause major confusion among people.

Several federal laws are in place to increase telehealth access to the public. Many healthcare organizations came under telehealth. There were many mergers and collaborations as well. They are also telling the authorities to change telehealth medicine rules. Mental health has been at the forefront of these telehealth mergers.

There are a whole set of rules and regulations in place for controlled substances. These rules deal with the prescribing of these substances. Many proposals are there so that telehealth services can access these substances. But the proposals didn’t make a mark. This reduced access to the needy.

Ryan Haight Act Law is an important one in this case. The amendment of this law is hugely supported by many hospital organizations. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Third Law of Motion applies in federal and world matters as well.

Some people say that telehealth has promoted some dangerous practices. Telehealth lets doctors prescribe controlled substances without an in-person visit. This can lead to malpractice. This can also lead to false judgments on the doctor’s part. So, the concerned authorities should be careful with these laws.

Mental health patients who need medicines and care should get telehealth services. There should be no restriction for them in any manner. Opioid overuse patients should also get the same benefits of access and medicine. This ensures that everyone has equal access.

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