Sydney LHD enhances the Miya Precision Remote patient monitoring

remote patient monitoring

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The health district will be deploying the mobile application of Miya Care.

The Sydney Local Health District will continue with the remote patient monitoring platform. It will work with the ASX-listed healthcare IT company Alcidion after the extension of the contract.

In July, Alcidion had signed an initial 12-month contract with LHD. It will deploy the Miya precision system to further support the delivery of virtual care of Sydney’s RPA Virtual Hospital for COVID-19 patients.

With more than 12000 staff Sydney LHD is now serving more than 700000 people across Sydney. It oversees five hospitals with the Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospitals.

Miya Precision is supporting the doctors through virtual mode with a dashboard of clinical monitoring. It helps to consolidate the information. The platform is also working to help in reducing hospitalizations. It further helps to improve the recovery outcome.

The expansion of the implementation will use the Miya Precision to monitor the patients’ condition with acute diverticulitis. It will also include the integration in bi-directional mode with the Sydney LHD’s Cerner EMR.

On the other hand, both the organizations will collaborate to use the Miya Care mobile patient app. It will allow the virtual to monitor the progress of care. Also, it will enhance patient engagement. The app will further integrate the data from the devices of patient monitoring and wearable technologies.

Healthcare IT firms Royal Philips and Teladoc Health have announced their partnership for offering virtual care solutions. The companies will deliver the hospitals a much scalable care service. It will also allow them to conduct easy remote patient monitoring.

The University of South Australia had developed an AI platform to monitor the vital signs in babies. It will work through detecting the face of those babies.

The team of the hospital is quite excited to build their initial implementation of the platform. This project highlights the scalability and flexibility of the platform in the form of the key enabler of a new and impressive model of care.

The opportunity will extend through their technology to offer improved information and better communication options for patients. It will improve the patient experience and will contribute to better outcomes.


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