RPM, Carts, and Epic EHR come together to upgrade telehealth

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Centura Health faced lots of problems in the virtual care system. The pandemic highlighted this fact. They teamed up with Epic to upgrade their telehealth services.

Centura Health comes from a place called Centennial, Colorado. They have a century-old vision to provide wholesome care to patients in need. The company contributed to improving the lives and experiences of people associated. They honor the body, mind, and spirit equally. It also places equal focus on telehealth as well.

Care in itself is very personal. There is no universal form of care that suits everyone. But Centura Health goes one step forward. They try their level best to connect with their patients on a personal level. The process of providing care is also as precious as the care itself. That is why the firm is integrating more tools like telehealth into its system.

Centura Health was already down with problems in virtual care systems. They had to go through and address the issues again. This was a futile task. They worked on telemedicine as well. There were some problems related to interoperability also. Epic’s electronic health record also worked wonders here. They also improved their telehealth services.

Centura and Epic EHR worked together to implement new technologies. This gave way to more telehealth care pathways for patients and doctors. The surge in cases and hospitalizations due to covid-19 highlighted this major problem. However, telehealth was the best solution here.

A lot of teamwork goes into getting the right partners for your company. Four important teams did this for Centura. The digital presence of any health organization depends on its EHR. That is why Centura teamed up with Epic. Epic also keeps updating its EHR and related telehealth facilities.

Centura Health feels confident with its new telehealth system. It is trying to partner with more hospitals in Colorado Springs. One of the hospitals is St. Francis InterQuest. It is a hospital for the future. The implementation of telehealth is very necessary here. Centura’s work with implementing telehealth is still in progress. So, its measure of success is not available as of now.

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