Clayful enables students to connect with mental health experts within 60 seconds

Clayful, a platform that enables students aged eight to 18 to connect with a mental health expert within 60 seconds when they need it, is a fully remote company with more than 100 staff members, including mental care coaches and part-time staff. Clayful mentioned that they just raised $7 million in funding from investors and added that the company will use the money to scale its team and reach more schools and students. 

As per the report, it is mentioned that “Barrera saw that the country’s mental health system was broken when reading a New York Times article about rising suicide among eight-year-olds. After talking to teachers, kids, parents and counselors before launching the service, Barrera realized that schools are access points for kids’ mental health services, and counselors had neither the time nor the capacity to reach the growing number of kids needing support”. The CEO added that “There were too many kids and too few providers [mental health professionals]. Those who desperately needed help were getting left behind,”

TechCrunch also reports that “Barrera and Melissa Pelochino, chief experience officer of Clayful, both previously worked at Nearpod, an edtech startup, and co-founded Clayful two years ago to meet students’ needs and address the counselor shortage. Moreover, the duo brings over 20 years of combined experience in the edtech and education industries. Pelochino, a former teacher, had a stint as a consultant at Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and as a director of professional development at K-12 Lab at the Stanford d. school. “

Barrera said, “Our customers are school district decision-makers — like superintendents and directors of student services — who can bring this platform to their student body”. “Partnering with schools provides access and equity to all students, regardless of family means or geographic location.” Mentioning how the system works, Barrera added that “Users get on-demand, chat-based support but do not meet in-person coaches, as the startup puts stress on supporting the students in real-time when they need to work through everyday challenges, manage emotions and solve problems. “That means students can get support where and when they need it, even in the middle of a heated argument, without needing to wait for an appointment,”

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