People who workout in the afternoon live longer: Study

There are various kinds of research and studies being done around the world, and we know that many of them are related to the health and human nature. Also, it is worth noting that a lot of things are related to physical activity as well. Now, we have a new study that gives you the direct relation between health and workout. It is already known that workout at any time of the day is better than no workout at all and we obviously didn’t need a study for that but there are many on that topic as well.

Now, we have a new study based on the time of the day when we workout and how it is linked to living longer. According to this new study, it is found out that people who workout in the afternoon live longer. This study claims that the people who can’t wake up early in the morning can relax and workout in the afternoons as they are found to love longer compared to those who workout in the morning or evenings.

It is also worth noting that this study does not claim that afternoon workouts are better than morning workouts, but it only claims that people who did afternoon workouts lived longer. In the study. it was also observed that people who already had heart disease lived longer when they went for their workouts in the afternoon. Also, the study saw similar results when the participants did a “mixed” workout meaning sometimes they went in the morning, sometimes in the evening and sometimes in the afternoon.

However, we have also seen a study where morning workouts seemed to have a better benefit in losing weight on women, and it is also believed that morning routines are easier to follow. But things change when you are a morning person or a night person, depending on your body type and your long-term goals. All in all, it must be said that working out at any time of the day is better than no physical activity, as your body needs to do some activity to remain healthy.

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