NHA to invest in building a digital health ecosystem in India

digital health ecosystem

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Indian NHA contact IT players in health care. They aim to establish and build infrastructure to boost healthcare services.

To build India’s digital health ecosystem under ABDM, NHA invites health IT players. Parties interested in this can provide digital health solutions for free.

India’s National Health Authority is approaching health IT players. They intend to develop digital health solutions. These solutions will also form the pillar of the country’s digital health ecosystem.

The agency which implements ABDM also stated that ” health IT providers can file their Expression of Interest in developing the Unified Health Interface, an open, interoperable platform connecting various digital health solutions; the Health Claims Platform where healthcare providers can submit their e-claims; SaaS solutions; open-source solutions; and other digital health solutions.”

NHA announced that parties could provide these solutions as a service to show their interest in them. These services also must be free of cost to the public or private entities.

The invitation accelerated the building of India’s digital health ecosystem.

This also added to the development of digital health tools. Also, these tools also became available to both the general population and private organizations.

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) is a set of digital building blocks. Each of these blocks known as a “digital public good”.

The mission has four key building blocks. However, these are Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA), Healthcare Professionals Registry, Health Facility Registry, and Health Information Exchange and Consent Manager (HIE-CM).

These blocks aim to identify healthcare providers, professionals, and patients. It also envisions enabling the exchange of health data with prior patient consent.ABDM got launched in September 2021. It also sought to develop the foundation of integrating digital health infrastructure in India. However, it will connect different stakeholders of the country’s healthcare ecosystem digitally.

The government is working on an open platform. This platform can connect India’s digital health ecosystem under ABDM. This will also include digital registries of health providers and facilities, unique health identities, and a consent framework. However, the government even set aside Rs 200 crore ($26.7 million) in funding.


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