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Wayne Memorial Hospital successfully captured $1M+ philanthropic aid for patients

The platform of Wayne Memorial Hospital matches its patients with their helpful programs without a manual search and with automated enrollment.

For Wayne Memorial Hospital, the care its staff gives to the patients is personal. The financial assistance program started its journey to ensure that the patients are not forgoing the life-saving treatment due to the cost. It has raised philanthropic aid to help the patients.

This hospital has to pay attention to the expenses it is making along with its revenue. It has a very thin financial margin. The rural hospitals can go down quickly if they are not paying attention to these trends. They were only able to dedicate one employee to search manually for the possible programs to assist their patients with the expenses. This was quite time-consuming. Also, it was stressful for the employees.

Each of the patients had someone depending on them to offer them food or shelter or to nurture. Also, it was very frustrating to be unable to come through all of them. They were only capable of assisting 10 -20% of the patients.

As the hospital opted for acquiring the costs for the patient care, it did not see the rise in the revenue that can cover it. It has implemented new policies and procedures to decrease any of the barriers to the revenue on its front end.

The team of the hospital turned to the Health IT vendor Atlas Health who knows the pore pressure point. The company seems dedicated to helping the community. The solution was very straightforward. 

Atlas explained to them that one team member can do the work of the three and can screen all the patients. Another part of the solution was the system that got the integration with their EHR. It also helped to keep the balance. It also helped to allow the team to identify the patients for the state programs and to optimize the financial navigation for all.

The level of transparency and automation also helped to leverage all the possible sources of patient assistance. The hospital team also used the technology to assist their patient. They create a list daily with the help of Atlas to advocate the review. The platform automates everything.

As one enrollment gets completed, all of the post-enrollment awards can get tracked from the platform. Within the first 90 days, they have screened every patient and enrolled in a program. It has also helped their patients to have less worry about the expenses. After that, they have exceeded their goal up to 134% in maintaining the patient’s program. It is on its track to capture $1 million in its philanthropic aids for the patients.