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Verizon introduces new virtual healthcare solutions

Prioritizing the current situation, Verizon brings new Bluejeans Telehealth technology. The aim is to make it an accessible mean that enables patients and providers to connect virtually.

While visiting doctors physically has become a serious issue in this pandemic, Verizon introduces new virtual healthcare solutions. As said by them, Bleujeans Telehealth provides an intuitive experience for administrators, providers, and patients. 

It allows the patients to connect with providers via the Bluejeans app or browser using any of their preferable devices.

While it can get operated through any gadget like mobile or desktop, Verizon further clarifies its performance. It marks the platform’s Dolby Voice Audio along with the efficiency and simplicity of the clinical experience. 

It also includes an optional medical condition survey before the actual visit. Along with that, some onboarding materials also got prepared for the patients. The medical interpreter services are available in over 200 languages, along with closed captioning and transcription.

For accurate and safe record keeping of visits and licensing, it requires some safety measures. Thus, its security features include privacy checks, fraud detection, locked meetings, encryption, etc. In its recent white paper, Verizon found 81% of organizations aim to introduce virtual healthcare solutions through telehealth.

 BlueHealth telehealth got designed, making simplicity the major feature. As per the company, the more it will be easy to use, the more consumers and providers can access it.

The Vice president for business innovation at Emory Healthcare, Dr. Scott D Boden, states, “The ability to offer virtual visits using tools like Bluejeans during this challenging time is not only helping to keep patients and practitioners like myself safe, it’s also providing a level of care that was previously missing.” 

The CEO of Verizon Business, Tami Erwin, seconds the statement by saying, both telemedicine and telehealth changed the entire look of the healthcare system. And also assures that Verizon will soon come up with an innovation that “will come from 5G mobility broadband and cloud capabilities.”