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Vail Health ensures consistent medical security with firmware patching firmware patching

The health system is scanning each of the assets and confirming that the targeted vulnerabilities are patched and can be considered as resolved.

Vail Health is a nonprofit community health system along with the locations in the Eagle and Summit counties in Colorado. Vail Health is offering 56-bed hospitals with 24 /7 emergency care, cancer care. It is also offering breast centers, surgery, physical therapy, internal medicine, childbirth, endocrinology, and many more.

This health system was facing a cybersecurity problem. It was inconsistent with the medical devices and the software security with firmware patching. Alex Popov, the IT security analyst at Vail Health, says the manufactures and the maintenance vendors patched and updated the devices and the systems. This has also provided the mixed results with an unknown number of risks.

They are constantly monitoring the network health and completing the preventive maintenance for the mechanicals. However, there was a gap in the addressing of the software and the updates of firmware or the threats relating to the network.

Vail Health implemented monitoring tools that can capture a lot of information relating to the devices connected. The tools also provided the staff with security alerts for the best of the abilities.

The IT security vendor HSS offered Vail Health a systematic approach where the experienced team. It is going to look at the medical devices, servers, firmware, and software to assess the security status. Each of the assets and the creation of the road maps are also keeping everyone updated and patched consistently.

However, spotlight works as an HSS medical device security service. The HSS team members are working with Vail health which is using a variety of tools to compose a clear picture of the security needs.

Some of the tools include the Mediagate security and the Clinical Analytics tool with the Rapid 7 Nexpose tool to assess the specific vulnerabilities in the devices. The program is still in its early stages. Vail Health is also confirming the success with the scanning of each of the assets