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USDA made its investment of $42M in telehealth infrastructure

The goal of the investment is to improve the health sectors and education for the five million rural residents.

The United States Department of Agriculture is investing $42.3M in telehealth infrastructure and for the distance learning infrastructure. It is part of the movement to help out the rural residents to gain more access to healthcare. It is also for the educational opportunity growth.

As the rural areas usually facing more infection and deaths due to COVID-19 due to several factors, it needs more help. The factors include higher percentage of the underlying conditions, difficulties in accessing medical care, and lower rate of health insurance.

This $42.3 million award is including the $24 million which was provided from the CARES Act. These investments are going to help five million rural residents.

The Rural Policy Research Institute’s Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis has recently come up with the issue of the report that has found the infection and the death rates in the rural area. The rate in rural America because of the COVID-19 is higher than 13.4% than in urban areas.

The USDA’s Economic Research Service recently came up with the issuing of a report. It underscores facing the challenges for the rural Americans amid this pandemic.

Due to this confluence in the factors, it is including a higher percentage of the underlying conditions, low access to medical facilities, and lack of health insurance. Compared to the economic research service analysis in the urban residents who are suffering from the more severe illness and death because of the COVID-19.

The USDA is also funding 86 projects using Distance Learning and the telemedicine granting program. It is designed to help education in rural areas. It also includes the health organizations which are remotely reaching out to the patients, students, and outside of the expertise.

Along with another governmental Telehealth front, Joe Biden’s pick is going to lead the US Department of Health and Human Services, which are signaled from this support. This is for telehealth at the time of the Senate confirmation hearing.