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Updated social determinant of health platform laid out by 3M

The aim of this new technology is to formulate a complete study on a patient's health by utilizing medical, population and social data.

In this week’s top news, 3M Health Information Systems has initiated a new technology platform. This platform also encourages healthcare providers and payers to give extra care to high-risk populations. 

The brand claims that with its Social Determinants of Health Analytics, they can form a better picture of patient’s health. That is, by additionally combining the clinical, social, and population health data.

The vice president of the company Elizabeth Guyton has noted that “SDoH analytics are essential to improving outcomes and achieving health equity across communities.”

In collaboration with a community-based organization, the health platform uses the 3M’s population classification system. Besides that, it additionally includes social risk intelligence to promote program design and management.

The medically complex individuals can be identified with the population classification system of 3M, known as Clinical Risk Groups. This health platform illustrates the information of the total disease burden in a population. This groundbreaking revolution can allow healthcare providers to create and provide services as needed by each specific group. 

Miguel Venereo, chief medical officer for Community Care Plan, has also expressed a positive reaction towards the platform. Likewise, he points out that tracing the social risk augments their ability to address their members’ that has clinical risk or meet their management needs. He also kept on saying that forming the programs will address the health literacy of both members and community.

Trenor Williams, CEO of Socially Determined, said that the platform will help comprehend payers and providers about the social risk.

This social determinant will aid providers to form connections with patients by empowering them with services that suits their needs.

“We look forward to helping our customers use this vital information to improve the health and wellbeing of the people they serve,” said Guyton.