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University of Cincinnati researchers came up with a new telehealth drone

The prototype includes a camera as a display screen along with a waterproof box that can deliver medical supplies or collect tests.

Inventors at the University of Cincinnati came up with the announcement this past week that they developed a semi-autonomous telehealth drone prototype. It is going to dispatch medicine or supplies to the homes of people.

This drone which is still processing is having cameras and a display screen. It is going to allow the patients to communicate with the healthcare professionals. And patients can easily do it from their own homes.

As the Covid-19 pandemic began, the telehealthcare delivery drones started taking place in delivering healthcare in homes and various locations. The coronavirus offered a boost in the pace of virtual care and innovation. However, medication delivery using a drone is still a very novel prospect.

The multidisciplinary team at UC says that they hope the drone is going to create a bridge for some of the digital divide to make the system top-notch. Manish Kumar, UC professor of mechanical engineering, and his students are working with Sampsel years to apply the technology.

Sampsel and another UC professor, Tamilym Bakas, continue to explore the use of telehealth robots for the participants living independently. According to Samsel, the logistics involved in it inspires her to think more about new ways of telehealth delivery improvements.

Drones come with the advantage of navigating using satellite or cellular communications. Moreover, the cameras and the display screen in the semi-autonomous drone prototype carry a waterproof box to deliver medicines.

COVID-19 came with spotlighting the ways of virtual care that can be used to keep the patients and the clinicians safe during the pandemic. During the crisis, the synchronous one-on-one video interactions managed to take many common places. 

However, the researchers are also thinking of relying upon the robots to improve the treatment more. According to a recent study, the majority of participants in an online survey believe that a robotic system is going to be useful for healthcare.