Two major telehealth organizations are teaming up for improving their virtual care training

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Two major telehealth organizations are teaming up for improving their virtual care training

The American Board of Telehealth is going to offer discounted access to the telemedicine class to American Telemedicine Association members.

American Telemedicine Association and American Board of Telehealth are now announcing that they are going to partner for virtual care training. This partnership is going to facilitate the expansion of access to training and education in virtual care.

This partnership is coming with the recently launched CORE consents of ABT for Telehealth certificate. It consists of seven training models for telemedicine.

As part of this collaboration, the members of ATA are going to receive discounted access to the ABT certificate program. The CORE Concept in Telehealth Certificate is coming with an introduction to telehealth. 

Also, it includes telepresence skills, legal and regulatory, and quality and technology. At the same time, it is offering licensing, privileging, credentialing. Also, it is including reimbursement along with ethical considerations.

As per the statement, ABT is also going to offer a behavioral telehealth certificate for the coming weeks. The courses will probably be for Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Nursing Education credits.

The future of telehealth is still uncertain from a federal policy perspective. The patients are now largely expressing satisfaction along with modality. It is also suggesting that the providers are going to get the benefits for the offering of this long-term service.

The reimbursement is through an area of question. However, it is providing telehealth which is not so financially feasible. Patient demands may not be enough for compelling with the mass adoption.

Still, there are some states which are taking steps to guarantee parity for this, along with certain specialties. As it is recently signed with Massachusetts law, it will implement with permanent rate parity. It is essential for virtual behavioral health-related services along with its other kind of provisions. 

According to toe Larson, they will provide the fast-growing membership of ATA with the educational tools. For this, they need to ensure a successful future for telehealth.

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