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The RPM program of Trinity Health drops its 30-day readmission rate to 6%

The number of massive patient compliance and the patient satisfaction of the health system is quite high.

Trinity Health works with 94 hospitals across 24 states. In 2017, this health system had 100 continuing care locations that included home care, PACE programs, hospice, and senior living facilities. It was in a bind that was facing double-digit for hospital readmissions that crossed 16%. However, with its new RPM program, it is working on achieving success.

It was important for Trinity to reduce the readmissions to a single digit. The plan offered remote patient monitoring to Medicare patients across its home care sites. This was necessary for preventing hospitalization and unnecessary visits to the emergency departments.

While doing so, Trinity hoped to receive the incentives for readmissions from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It would help in avoiding penalties and reduce the cost as it has opted for its value-based care reimbursements.

Trinity knew that the reduction of readmission was the necessary thing to do. Trinity Health would use the RPM in two different ways. It will make use of RPM for Trinity Health at Home, which is focusing on skilled home care patients. Also, it will use RPM for at-risk patients who would follow a home-care episode for care.

With the support of an innovation giant Trinity Health at Home has launched a 30 day RPM pilot for 55 patients. This program is using Vivify Health’s care platform. It is also aiming to reduce the number of readmissions. With only one patient who is returning to the hospital, this concept has shown success.

Trinity has selected Vivify Home, which is an RPM Kit that offers pathways for chronic conditions. It also works with high-quality videos and home care kits that are capable of advertising the needs for diagnosis. Patients will receive a tablet and connected health devices that will help in monitoring.

The RPM technology of Vivify was simple enough for the easy understanding of centenarians. It also increased the likelihood of compliance and satisfaction with the program. This connected health vendor also offers a virtual care package that comes with 24×7 support with a virtual care nurse. Also, there is a user-friendly interface and a very strong component for education.

Trinity started with a 30-day RPM program for its patients. This program also comes with eight weeks of automated digital conversation, integrated with the care pathway of the patient. This RPM program produced an immediate positive result. The readmission rate has dropped roughly from 16% to 8% and eventually to 6% in a year.