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The new wearable patch is capable of monitoring blood pressure and caffeine levels

The device is the first one to track the cardiovascular signals and multiple biochemical levels in the body at the same time.

The University of California San Diego is engineering the development of the skin, which is patching that which can be worn on the neck to track the blood pressure and heart rate. At the same time, it will monitor the glucose, lactate, and alcohol or caffeine levels of the users.

The internet of medical things is the precision of medicine and is coming with wearable sensors. It offers the feature for the active and remote monitoring of the physiological parameters.

The wearable sensors can also generate data without causing any kind of discomfort or interruption as per the daily activity. It is also enhancing the self-monitoring compliance for the wearers to improve the quality of patient care.

According to the university, the device is the first one to monitor cardiovascular signals. It takes the completely different sensors to merge them on a single and small platform as a stamp. The team is also capable of collecting the information with the wearable without interpreting the daily activities.

The researchers are pointing out the heart rate and the blood pressure that can dynamically reflect the physiological status of the body. The biomarker level can also help the patient in monitoring. It is less intrusive as a device as it functions as a wearable patch.

The device uses ultrasonic transducers to monitor the blood pressure and the heath rate with electrochemical sensors to measure the level of the biomarkers. The team’s interest is in the market of glucose, lactate, alcohol, and caffeine as it impacts the blood sugar level.

The elimination of the signal interference was much challenging. Also, the physical shielding with the chemical sensors from the blood pressure sensor was one of the challenges. Also, the design of the device is still ongoing. It needs to be connected with a power source and a benchtop machine to show its readings.

The world of wearable is expanding much. It tracks fitness and sleep. The patches are much effective as it offers the convenience of monitoring amidst the COVID-19 situation.