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The Ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE introduces its Public Health Management system

The Ministry of Health and Prevention platform aims to centralize the various data to help in improving disease prevention.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE has recently launched its Public Health Management System. This new system is aiming to centralize the variety of data to improve disease prevention. Also, it is striving to offer good management for public health projects. Moreover, it will promote the involvement of the communities in the health programs for both the private and public sectors.

The Public Health Management System will equip public health specialists with adequate tools. It will help them to monitor and manage all the initiatives and activities. It will also give them alerts to the specialist for any of the evolving requirements that MoHAP confirms. For disease prevention, the platform will monitor and report the data to limit the contagious disease.

With a centralized database, it becomes more helpful to go get better health services. It also improves the health service providers’ access to more important information that helps to improve the health outcomes. At the same time, it rationalizes healthcare spendings. Developed with the Etisalat and the Health Matrix, this system is contributing towards the digital transformation. It is improving artificial intelligence for achieving higher efficient preventive healthcare services. At the same time, it enhances the quality of the outputs in the country.

The Public Health Management System is part of the strategy of the ministry to improve community health. It improves the interaction between the patients and the health practitioners to make them aware of the disease and the way of dealing with it.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have shown the urgent need for digital infrastructure. It can also enhance the response for the health system and the societies while offering better and smart digitized healthcare. This system will support healthcare professionals with all kinds of tools that are necessary for the prevention and management of all health issues.