The majority of people are willing to try telehealth for sleep concerns

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The majority of people are willing to try telehealth for sleep concerns

Though few people are having sought help from a sleep specialist with telemedicine, the majority of respondents to the Philips global survey say they are willing to try.

According to the recently released report of royal Phillips, few people are looking for help from a sleep specialist through telehealth for sleep concerns. However, a major number of survey respondents are saying that they want to try it. The survey is examining the attitude from perceptions and behavior of 13000 adults in 13 countries.

Nearly three-quarters of the respondents are saying that they are going to experience new sleep challenges from the starting of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also includes the women who are facing more struggle than men.

According to Dr. Teofilo Lee- Chiong, the survey from this year are true. This is possible with the right decisions and solutions. The survey results are signaling for the survey results, which are signaling for broader interest in virtual care due to the global pandemic.

Only one-third of consumers are saying that they had a telehealth appointment during this time. Half of them said that it was for the first time for them. Though only 15% said that they are going to sight help from sleep specialists through telemedicine. 58% are saying that they would like to try it in the future. On the other hand, 36% said that they would go for non-sleep -related concerns.

The tools needed for telehealth are already existing, and the interest of the customers is growing on it due to the pandemic. The results are suggesting that the outreaching techniques are still lacking. 70% said that they are still expecting something difficult to find a sleep specialist with the online program.

Only 55% of adults are saying that they are sleeping well. Respondents from India are highest in degree with their least partial amount of satisfaction. From Japan, it is the lowest. In the USA, 40% of respondents said they are somehow satisfied with their sleep.

Vendors are deploying various tools for the improvement of sleeping health. It also includes wearable trackers and various behavioral therapy software.

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