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Thailand’s Siriraj Hospital ventures with NTT and Cisco to leverage stroke’s rapid treatment with telemedicine

From the year 2018, about 380 patients in Thailand received emergency medical treatment by Siriraj Mobile Stroke Unit so far.

Cisco and NTT have got into partnership with one of the biggest public hospitals in Thailand, Siriraj Hospital. They are focused on rapid treatment with telemedicine. 

The ambulance known as Siriraj Mobile Stroke Unit connects the responders inside the ambulance to the hospital experts. Thus, allowing the doctors to provide instant medical treatment, attention, and diagnosis to the victim while they are being transferred to the hospital. 

The Mobile Stroke Unit is equipped with multiple modern gadgets like a multicellular router that transfers medical images, a CT scanner, which the medical team uses to scan the brain of the patient and forward those high-quality images to the experts from the ambulance itself, for rapid diagnosis.

The presence of the Cisco Telepresence video conferencing system allows the experts to assess the victim’s condition and provide wireless advice to the responders so that they can take preparation for the best possible treatment. For the optimal outcome, Cisco WebEx enables the hospital and mobile-based teams to work together seamlessly. 

To establish a high-tech platform, recently, Huawei and Siriraj Hospital are coming together to build a 5G Powered Smart Hospital Enabled with Cloud and AI Memorandum of Understanding.

Dr. Prasit Watanapa, the dean of the medicine faculty, explained that how Siriraj hospital is making positive changes in the healthcare system, and the doctors can now have faster access to perfect information like scanned images of the brain to make correct diagnoses and rapid treatment with telemedicine.

The hospital is providing timely treatments to the patients who encountered stroke and also understands the need for finer treatment for the patients, and the smart technologies have helped people, especially in traffic congestions.

According to Taveewat Chantaraseno Country Manager, Siriraj Mobile Stroke Unit is helping the patients by offering wider recovery opportunities so that they can quickly get back to their regular lifestyle.