In order to revolutionize the healthcare customer journey, Thailand-based HD is spearheading the development of AI-driven chatbots tailored for the healthcare industry. The company, which initially began as a marketplace for third-party healthcare and surgery services, has garnered substantial attention by leveraging generative AI to enhance customer interactions and streamline the shopping experience for healthcare services.

Co-founder Sheji Ho emphasized the significance of addressing the nuanced inquiries that accompany healthcare purchases, stating, \”The products we are selling are not the typical stuff you buy on Amazon. They are hospital services, so people shop the same way as they do offline.\” Despite comprehensive descriptions available on HD\’s marketplace HDmall, Ho revealed that 90% of customer inquiries revolve around seeking additional product information through direct communication channels.

Recognizing the potential of AI in enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates, HD recently secured a $5.6 million Series A funding round. Led by SBI Ven Capital, in collaboration with Kyobo Securities from South Korea and NTU Singapore\’s NTUitive, the investment underscores growing confidence in HD\’s vision to redefine the healthcare industry\’s digital landscape. Additional participants in the funding round include M Venture Partners, FEBE Ventures, Partech Partners, Ratio Ventures, Orvel Ventures, and TA Ventures.

HD\’s ambitious AI initiatives aim to establish the company as the leading provider of conversational AI within the Southeast Asian healthcare sector. With a focus on leveraging AI to automate customer inquiries and optimize resource allocation, HD anticipates significant cost reductions while empowering staff to focus on more complex tasks.

However, HD acknowledges the challenges of competing with U.S. counterparts that possess extensive resources and capital. Despite this, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to leveraging local data as a competitive advantage. Co-founder Sheji Ho emphasized the importance of \”vertical AI,\” highlighting the utilization of proprietary data specific to the healthcare domain to enhance AI capabilities and drive practical applications.

\”Emerged markets need to compete and take advantage of AI by using the data they have — proprietary data that nobody else has,\” stated Ho. \”We see that happening in other places, too. Some call this vertical AI, where they use a vertical domain-specific data that is proprietary to a certain business or industry.\”