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Telehealth tech and FCC grants help for maintaining visit volumes in clinics

Callen-Lorde 18th Street Clinic opted for the integration of telemedicine technology with its NextGen EHR to ensure the capture of all data.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of the clinical operations of New York City’s Callen Lorde 18th Street Clinic happened in person. By the middle of the March of 2020, it became quite clear that the clinic needed to switch to the virtual model.

It was necessary to continue with the maintenance of the medical and mental health visits with the help of telehealth tech. At the same time, it has reduced the number of staff and patients onsite. After research and vet technology solutions, it has ultimately decided to vendor OTTO.

OTTO is offering a platform that would allow for a secure video session for the provider and the patients. It would also integrate with practice management and with EHR systems to streamline the steps required for document visit.

Additionally, it is also allowing contacting the patient via text and email with a link to a visit. At the same time, it is able to act as a front desk as it asks the patients to complete the consents. It is checking the patients into their visit when they opt for logging in.

The FCC telehealth funding program got the award of $ 917255 for the mobile hotspots, laptop computers, and tablets and for the conferencing equipment. The clinic opted for the purchasing of the other software licenses, which is enabling the patients. At the same time, healthcare providers are getting access to technology and connectivity. It is necessary for the remote delivery of primary care, dental care, and behavioral healthcare to the patients.

Once OTT got the selection as it initiated the implementation of the process. Moreover, it is having the purchase of the laptops with proper cameras, speakers, microphones. It is now allowing the providers to offer care remotely in a much safe and secure way.

As soon as OTTO got the implementation and the laptops started having the administration, the platform made its transition. It has reduced the onsite services to only what is the most necessary. The new OTTO Platform is having some of the features with the integration of the NextGen practice management. Also, the EHR vendors are getting the chance to streamline the documentation. It is now ensuring that all the information is being captured.