We all know that the current scenario is such that everyone is addicted to social media and there are a lot of harmful things that come along with that as well. Right from waking up, we are so used to using our mobile phones and scrolling endlessly on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that we even forget to do our basic tasks such as taking a bath or having breakfast or other routines. Also, it has been found that using smartphones immediately after waking messes up your brain and does not let it do its work silently and it goes into overdrive mode instead.

However, we are talking about these effects on adults but think about the impact that these things could have on kids and teenagers. That is exactly what a study done on the kids suggests. According to a study by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, there is a visible change in how teenagers see their own body image after they quit using social media.

Nowadays, we are seeing a trend among teenagers that they want to become fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in doing that but the problem is when teens try to imitate what they see on social media. For example, if you see a super-fit athlete on social media then you start doubting your own body image which might not have six-pack abs or you might have a belly. This causes anxiety and depression which is generally the cause of all the problems.

This is the reason why this study was conducted and it has been revealed that after just weeks of quitting social media, teens viewed their own body image differently compared to when they were using these social media apps. The study was also conducted on another group that kept using social media apps and they continued to view their body image as before meaning that there was no change in their views. The study said, “Reducing social media use is a feasible method of producing a short-term positive effect on body image among a vulnerable population,”