Health and Wellness Informatics News is adding its new global telehealth network in India

The global telehealth service can help in addressing the shortage of doctors who are serving in the rural areas of the country.

The health technology company Solve.Care came up with the announcement of the expansion with its Global Telehealth Exchange. It is also a virtual health service platform in India.

The basics of DTHE is on on blockchain technology, which is serving as a global directory where the doctors have undergone a strict verification process. It can also join and offer its services of telehealth network to the patients anywhere on a global scale.

The rollout of the DTHE will be through the partnership of Solve. Care with Healthlink Technologies, which based in Maharashtra. It is also going to ensure regulatory compliance with the verification of doctors.

In March of last year, the Indian Ministry of Health and Family welfare issued new guidelines for telemedicine practice. It is getting a boost with the use of telehealth services in this country. Currently, the country is having a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:1000, which is also below the World Health Organization’s ratio.

The introduction of this worldwide telehealth solution, like GTHE, is much needed in the country, according to Dr. Bhagwant Singh Ratta, the director of health link Technologies. He further added that the telehealth service is going to enable the doctors to see more of the patients in a much shorter time, which is going to reach out to people in the rural areas.

Telehealth services are going to increase with the demand. The technology companies are looking forward to expanding telehealth services beyond the shores. Providers are now also leveraging telehealth to improve care access for patients in rural areas.

The Lynn County Hospital District in the United States is applying for and receiving more grants for establishing the telehealth hubs in Lynn County and in the surrounding counties.

India has the potential for having one of the highest users of telehealth services in the world, which is making it a natural choice for GTHE.