Security improvements in Singapore’s NEHR to take place by the end of the year

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Security improvements in Singapore’s NEHR to take place by the end of the year

A series of technical and process enhancements are going to take place to improve the security infrastructure in NEHR.

As part of the security improvements that the National Electronic Health record is going to receive, more healthcare institutions are also going to its part. There are other healthcare institutions within this country that are also going to contribute to NEHR. 

A majority of the security enhancements and upgrades are going to take place by the end of this year. This is involving both the technical and external review process, which will happen independently.

The contribution of the patients in electronic health records for NEHR is going to mandate this in the coming future. Such measures are implemented with the unprecedented cyber-attack in the IT system of SingHealth.

NEHR is also going to enable the COVID-19 vaccination display for the reporting alert requirements. The healthcare experts are going to be able to have easier access to the tests for COVID-19 patients. It is going to result in the existing medical conditions prior to the vaccination through NEHR.

The cybersecurity statistics are indicating the increase of huge risk in the number of occurrences of hacking. Also, it includes the breaching of data from various sources like mobile devices and IoT devices which are quite common for medical facilities. As per the reports, 68% of business leaders also told their opinions regarding the increased risk of cybersecurity.

It is quite imperative for healthcare organizations to boost up their efforts to make the technical and security infrastructure stronger. It is within the system to ensure that the sensitive data for healthcare are remaining secure.

Data security is remaining a key priority, according to Dr. Puthucheary, the Senior Minister of State. He has explained that the NEHR system is also a key enabler which is facilitating the provision of medical care during the time of the pandemic. It is serving as the repository for the patients in medical records.

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