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Remote Maine school union use teletherapy for various requirements

This school union handles all the care services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, psychology with a teletherapy service provider.

Dr. Karen Watts, the director of special services at School Union 93 in Maine, stays in rural Maine. According to her, the advantages of the place are its clean air, verdant hills, wildlife, clean water that surround Blue Hill Peninsula. This is also highly beneficial for their communities. But they have faced many challenges in providing care to schools until the union switched to teletherapy.

There is a dearth of highly experienced and expert clinicians in the geographic area of their school union. As a special services administrator, Watts has spent many hours searching for possible clinicians to support her students. Lately, she also reached out to their special education directors to ask for leads. She came to know the name of Dotcom Therapy.

As she made a call, she gave preliminary information on what they needed urgently. Then she received a follow-up call within the same week. The customer success manager of that area also gave her a call back to assure her of the improvement of the situation.

DotCom Therapy is a provider of pediatric teletherapy for educational and healthcare organizations. In the inaugural year of telemedicine, School Union 93 in Maine started with a contract of skilled SLP for one of its five schools. The preparation for remote speech has become a reality after that.

It includes Careful consideration of the caseload in terms of recommended frequency of services. Also, there are valuable onboarding sessions with special education office assistants, principals, and special services administrators. It is assigning for an SLP /e-helper and sharing job specifications for the positions. There is an SLP resource and remote learning demonstrations from the vendor for the members of the school board of the town.

A remote meet and greet is also part of the interactions between the vendor’s speech-language pathologist and the first general staff meeting.

School Union 93 in Maine’s central office IT coordinator has built up connections with Dotcom therapy and the IT integration specialist. It has offered successful technology integration.

They have exchanged contact information to solve any problem regarding glitches. Their school has evolved into a school with no walls, teachers and e- helpers chat with SLP. Students have learned this quickly during the connection with speech therapists.

School Union 93 has become successful in providing cover to four schools under it. Last year they expanded their reach with its school psychology, language therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling. It had become immensely successful in integrating the teletherapy easily with the system.