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Projects are working on developing digital analytics tool in South Australia

The analytics tool is aiming to predict the risk for adverse events that take place in hospitals.

Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, a government-backed center with the University of Southern Australia and SA Health, is working on something big. They have started working on a project which will create a digital analytics tool. It will also help to predict the risk of adverse events in hospitals.

The research team behind this project has gone through a thorough study to develop a preliminary predictive harm algorithm. They have used 18 months of data from Royal Adelaide Hospital and from Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

This research is now expanding to cover all the code black and fall risks. With the utilization of existing software frameworks, this tool works as an instrumental one. It will also help to develop a visual, interactive program. Clinicians and administrators can access it via dashboard summary.

This program will offer real-time insights. It will describe the risk exposure in a hospital setting. Also, it will inform decision makers’ assessment and predictions. Also, it will help to forecast special considerations for the better implementation of safety-related measures. This project is aiming to resolve patient safety-related issues. However, it will help to improve issues like ramping medication and falls incidents, suicide, etc.

Australian commission on Safety and Quality of Healthcare thinks patient safety accidents in Australian hospitals cost up to A$4.1 billion in 2017 -18.

The analytics tool can get its trial at general medical and mental health departments of South Australia’s Central and Southern Adelaide Local Health Networks.

DHCRC came up with the announcement in July that A$2.1 million is about to deliver real-time patient data with a dashboard. The dashboard will also provide live feeds with critical analytics and information on reporting. It will also collect data from Eastern Health’s electronic medical records and Victorian Health Incident Management System. However, it will benefit various areas to cover clinical governance, medication safety, etc.