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Physicians are in favor of the telehealth expansion permanently

A new report finds that the stakeholders should not ignore the limitations of the tele-healthcare model.

A new study has come up this month in JMIR Human Factors from Syracuse University researchers. It has been found that the physicians are in favor of telehealth expansion on a permanent note. Many of the docs have voiced their concern about the limitations of telehealth technology. They have also noted that the market concentration can lead to the weighted effects for the capabilities of the select platforms.

Consumers mostly want competition that can reduce the price and will increase the quality of healthcare. On the other hand, from this survey, telehealth can increase its access. At the same time, there is a worry regarding the market concentration, which can reduce access.

It is quite clear from the magnitude of the appointments that patients like telehealth. However, the clinician’s feelings about it are getting less attention regarding the longevity of the care. The team of Bhavneet Walia, the assistant professor of public health at Syracuse, something interesting.

More Than 40% of the internal medicine physicians say that they are planning to continue telehealth after the pandemic. In the US, it is having the focus on the iron triangle, which includes quality, access, and cost.

The result of this survey is showing that the physicians who practice internal medicine are in favor of it. Physicians are also saying that their access to telehealth training has increased during the pandemic. It is suggesting an abrupt shift in the healthcare system for its requirements and delivery modes for the crisis.

Patient care visits are rolling out through telehealth, which has risen to 13.1% on average before the hitting of a pandemic. It has reached up to 60% during the pandemic period. Clinicians also feel that telehealth visits are much more reliable. At the same time, there are many hurdles.

There are five major challenges in the way of telehealth offering- 1) There are limitations in the ability of the physicians to deliver certain types of healthcare. 2) Telehealth technology is inadequate. 3) There is also a lack of organizational support for telehealth. 4) There is also much inadequacy in the reimbursement for the telehealth visit. 5) It comes with inadequacy in physician health training.

The improvements which took place are – 1) Malpractice protection for the telehealth system. 2) Clarity implementation in the reimbursement is being done. 3) It is coming with training for the use of the technology. 4) The policies coming to play regarding the duration for each episode of care. The increase of telehealth thus is visible in every aspect.