Orion health switches to cloud-based HIS in surgery facility of Kaweka Health

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Orion health switches to cloud-based HIS in surgery facility of Kaweka Health

The solution of the hospital is about to be ready for delivery ahead of the launch of the facility in May next year.

Orion Health, the New-Zealand based health software provider, has already bagged a contract. This contract is all about installing a hospital information system at Kaweka Health’s surgery facility.

Kaweka Health is a private healthcare provider in the region of Hawke bay. It also wanted to integrate an all-in-one platform that would keep the number of applications in its upcoming elective surgery facility. They wanted to keep it as low as possible. Hence they found that Orion health is an obvious choice for the HIS.

They have won the contract through a competitive tender process. Now the IT provider will deliver a solution that will comprise two things. First of all, it will include Orion Health Enterprise Patient Administration System. Secondly, there will be Clinical Portal Products for better results.

Orion Health has already started working in August. It is also about to deliver its cloud-based service ahead of the opening of the surgery facility in May next year.

In May, Orion health had already bagged a tender worth $100 million. It has received the tender for setting up a health exchange system across the entire state of the US’s Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State-wide Health Information Network and Exchange will be the name of the system. The software provider also said that it would be online by the second half of the year.

This health software firm has also signed up for a deal with the New South Wales’ Justice Health Forensic Mental Health Network. It will also roll out its medication management and the platform of electronic medicines administration.

It will roll out as a part of the electronic health system of the group. This latest addition to their health system will enable the shifting of the network from the paper-based medication chart porches to an electronic medication chart. The interaction will see better improvement.

Earlier this year, the healthcare software provider helped in the migration of the Clinical Workstation platform of Southern Cross Healthcare to Amazon Web Service. This transition also lets the private healthcare groups automate their deployments; at the same time, it helps them to enhance their monitoring and reduce downtime.

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