Have you ever wondered how you suddenly feel better when you go on a diet and start eating healthy and make a conscious effort not to binge on junk food? Well, you must try it if you have never done it as it is one of the best feelings you can have. It is worth mentioning that dieting does not mean starvation, as you should never starve yourself but be mindful of only eating what is healthy and avoid fried, unhealthy junk food at all costs and see the difference for yourself. This can be even better when you add regular exercise to your routine.

Talking about this same issue is Nourish, a startup based in the US, that wants the Americans to eat healthy. However, Nourish is focusing on an even bigger problem which is keeping a healthy diet for people with chronic illness such as diabetes, blood pressure or something else. CDC says that 6 out of every 10 adults in the US have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart condition. Honestly speaking, I was numb to the core when I read this study from the CDC.

Nourish is a startup that connects people to registered dieticians known as RDs via telehealth platforms also known as video conferencing and this is covered by health insurance so its adoption will be much better. The important aspect of Nourish is that it not only connects patients and nutritionists but it also connects them to certified RDs, which is rare. They say that “All registered dietitians are nutritionists — but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians,”

Nourish’s CEO says that their biggest advantage is the insurance coverage that they can provide to their patients. Aidan Dewar, the CEO of Nourish, adds that “94% of our patients are fully covered by insurance and pay nothing out of pocket. Most of the rest just have a small co-pay.” He also adds that the reason behind the lacklustre insurance coverage was that the registered dieticians were not directly employed by the companies. This is the reason why Nourish have hired their RDs so that the benefits can be passed on.