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NHS introduces cervical screening management system

A cervical cancer charity is welcoming this long overdue update.

NHS has recently announced its launch of a new cloud-based IT system. It will leverage cervical screening in England. Charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has welcomed this initiative. The system must be capable of tracking the pathway of patients. Also, it is important to collect the proper data to move towards removing cervical cancer.

From October, this screening service will move onto the new NHS Cervical Screening Management System. It also has a design with better security and reliability. This new system is about to improve data quality. It will be simple enough to use. A new interface will replace the old technology. It will also make this platform easier to access for screening the information of the participants.

Currently, this system is using data from 80 different databases. This new management will link with NHS Personal Demographics Service. It will also provide a single source for the information of the national patient demographic.

After the launch of this cervical screening management system, the NHS is planning to transform its IT system. However, it will start with breast screening in 2022.

There is an urgent need to address the screening backlogs after the pandemic. With a single source of data, it will be helpful enough to ensure that the NHS is having up to date details. It will also reduce the potential delays in screening the participants.

However, the digital transformation for this screening is aiming to introduce better technology. It will support NHS Screenings services to achieve its ambitions. These also include the uptake of screening and making it more targeted and personalized.

The Trial is now taking place at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge to use the AI for diagnosis. It will also help to diagnose dementia from an MRI Brain scan before the development of symptoms.

Professor Zoe Kourtzi has devised an algorithm that scans the medical records of a patient and compares their brain scans to other patients.