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New wireless tech offers stability, security, and performance to Faith Regional

New wireless tech is making the clinicians happier who can now rely on the wireless handhelds to treat patients.

Faith Regional Health Services, based in Norfolk, Nebraska, felt the need to replace its legacy wireless network. The network was much old, and the replacement was due. The healthcare organization didn’t opt for using the particular vendor anywhere else. It is also working as a wireless network that managed to reach its end of life with the help of new wireless tech.

The access points and the controllers are much older. Faith regional either needs an upgrade with the wireless network or with the vendor. Or the need was completely for an evaluation and a move to a different vendor. Thus the organization has ended up doing.

IT staff are looking for the replacement of the wireless network. Now they are examining a few different vendors. They have ended up with the selection of the wireless vendor Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. According to a staff member, it is offering a next-generation- level wireless network for the terms and capabilities.

Aruba is offering a more modern architecture that is much more self-sensing and desirable for the network team. It is also easier to manage, according to Brian Sterud, vice president and CIO at Faith Regional Health Services.

Further, they are much interested in the network access control functionality for the Aruba ClearPass. This is also allowing for the segment to their network and helping to implement policies to isolate certain systems in the network.

The vendor is saying that the network offered the maximum number of wireless coverage, which was easy to deploy. Most of the clinicians were using wireless handhelds. Thus the coverage and the self-managing aspect were much important.

Meeting the challenge was much significant. The wireless network ClearPass and the wired switches created a networking system. The system is also fully integrated and easy to manage. This is helping to improve the staff and security posture. Also, it is offering more adaptability for managing the resources within the hospital.

He is pointing out the ClearPass solution as a success. It is a much secure network access control. It is easy to control through any of the devices that enter the network. With this new wireless network deployment, uptime has increased. Now they can add devices to the network with full confidence and getting stave performance.