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New Hampshire lawmakers are pushing a roll back for the telehealth coverage

The bill is going to exclude the audio-only services from the telemedicine definition and targeting parity of virtual services.

The New Hampshire lawmakers came up with the hearing this week on a bill. The bill is going to roll back towards the provisions to safeguard the telehealth coverage in the state. 

The bill has its sponsorship from the three Republican State Legislators. The targets with the payment parity are for the telehealth coverage services, which is going to eliminate the coverage for the services regarding audio-only.

The bill is discriminating against the people who are not eligible to have access to the internet. It also includes those who are not having the equipment or knowledge for accessing the video or audio care along for their treatment.

The HB 602 is co-sponsored by Reps. Jess Edwards, R-Rockingham, R-Cheshire, John Hunt, along with R-Rockingham and Jason Osborne. It is also going to make changes for the reimbursement of the limits for telemedicine. Also, it is striking with the wording for the existing statutes with requirements of the Medicaid along with the private insurers.

It is for providing coverage on a similar basis as the in-person services. Also, it is revising the law for the cap to combine the amount for the reimbursement towards the distant sites. 

It is also going to explicitly exclude the audios with the telephone services from the telemedicine. It also includes insurance coverage. Edwards was one of the co-sponsors for 2020 with the law which is extending the payment parity along with the telehealth coverage.

The telehealth advocates are having a repeated amount of stress with the importance of the audio-only coverage. Also, it is for the patients who don’t have access to good quality broadband. New Hampshire is joining the states with the enacting of telehealth legislation in the absence of the federal policy. 

As the Granite State has the restricted coverage, the others are pushing towards the expansion of access. In January, Gov Andrew Cuomo proposed for the seeping of the telehealth reforms to protect virtual care access.