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MITRE offers the proposal of digital health strategy with the focus on equity

The Organization is noting that COVID-19 can act as an inflection point to address various deep-rooted health disparities.

MITRE this month has come up with the proposal of a comprehensive draft national strategy. It is having its focus on digital health strategy to scale healthcare services. Also, it is addressing the disparities in its access.

It has a strategic goal that is aiming at revolutionizing the health and the wellbeing of the public. It intends to the level which is playing the field around access for the proper technology and care for all people.

Digital health technologies like telehealth had not been invented during the COVID-19. But their potential to deliver care was rightly tested and proven. At the same time, the pandemic is also laying bare the health inequities which many populations are facing. It is amplifying the risks of further exacerbating the digital divide.

COVID-19 can act at the potential infection point for the digitized health system. To seize this moment, they have a national strategy for digital health. It identifies a set of national priorities. It guides the government and the industry towards its common goals.

In case they let this opportunity pass, then they risk worsening disparities. It can also create solutions that are only available for the privileged few ones.

As per the explanation of MITRE, this strategy has seven guiding principles. 1)It is empowering the individuals. 2) It is focussing on the importance of every person and community. 3)This is collaborating and connecting. 4) The end is having much improvement in health and wellbeing. 5) The system needs to learn and adapt. 6) It must ensure privacy, security, and accountability. 7) Lastly, it needs to be bold.

The principles have been used to guide the development of a framework. It has made up six more broad goals. 1) It targets easy access with the proper affordability and the utilization of universal broadband. 2) It is making the individuals able to use the digital technologies for managing telehealth and wellbeing. 3) It is building up a more sustainable health workforce to use the technology for delivering person-centered care. 4) It is having the goal of a digital health ecosystem that enables public health decision-making. 5) Moreover, it is looking for the proper integration with governance. 6) Now, it is opting for interoperability which is allowing for access to the data, information, and better education.

Several of these goals are outlining the MITRE’s strategy. Also, it seems to align with the current presidential administration.