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MITRE Launches ransomware support hub for the healthcare systems ransomware support

MITRE launches its Ransomware Resource Center, which is offering free tools to help the healthcare IT pros to better prepare, respond, recover and protect from ransomware attacks.

To help in the improvement of resilience against ransomware for healthcare organizations, MITRE this week has launched its new Ransomware Resource Center. It is also going to offer various tools and strategies for the IT and infosec professionals with this ransomware support hub. It is to offer better protection against the growth of costly malware.

The Ransomware Resource Center is tailoring its offering with the role of health care professionals who can access them. However, for all the business managers, technical managers, and IT and cybersecurity practitioner’s cybersecurity framework is offering better protection.

It is also offering a stocked resource library that is searchable and easy to filter for useful materials. The tools drawn from MITRE’s expertise with sources of governments. The goal is to offer various resources at an intuitive location,

According to Joanne Fitzpatrick, there are two key considerations. The first one is such organizations which are having smaller IT and security departments with few talented people. Staff must have experience. But the little access to the development on cybersecurity issues can come with bigger threats.

Secondly, they recognize that both the small and large healthcare organizations are the potential target for the adversaries. Size does not matter. They have also witnessed many successful attacks for all types of organizations.

MITRE is pointing towards the recent reports, which showed 560 healthcare facilities that are suffering from a successful ransomware attack in 2020. They are currently fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, but this spreading of ransomware is also an epidemic. The ransomware is also disrupting the hospitals and health care facilities during this crisis.

Last October, CISA, with other government agencies, warned about the growing threat for the ransomware that was targeting the healthcare and the private sectors. He said that the previous ransomware attacks are illustrating the risk of COVID-19 vaccine deployment efforts.