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Metro Health’s telehealth and RPM program’s initiative help patients to avoid hospital stay

The Michigan provider organization is knowing the COVID-19 patients at home while recording 95% of the satisfaction rate for this program among the patients.

The Metro Health/University of Michigan Health is an osteopathic teaching hospital. It is serving more than 250000 patients per year in western Michigan. Metro Health has been exploring the telehealth and RPM vendors for almost 2 years before the COVID-19 breakout.

The team believes that telehealth and RPM would be the future for healthcare delivery. But it took time to outline the various challenges and the program goals with the various features of telehealth.

The initial telehealth and the RPM were all set to focus on congestive heart failure patients. Also, it has the focus on the high-risk patients who get discharged from the hospital. Staying at the hospital for a prolonged time can impose various health-related risks. Hence, this was the intended goal for this program to reduce the 30 days of hospitalization.

Metro Health went through few challenges needed to address immediately. The challenges include limited bed capacity, patient isolation, canceled elective surgeries, staffing ratio, and staff safety.

Thus Metro health came forward to address these problems to get more impressive solutions. Metro Health knows the Health Recovery Solutions would have all the technology and the tools required for this type of program.

These are some of the key features of telehealth and the RPM program. Metro Health has used these for the monitoring of the covid patients, along with biometric and symptom monitoring. Also, it includes the medication and the monitoring reminders along with patient communication with the help of voice calling and the virtual visits for a COVID care plan.

This plan is allowing the staff to customize their reminders, symptoms surveys, and educational videos that they can send to the patients. They have enrolled 20-25% of the covid patients in this program. The patients have found it more helpful for them.

Metro Health recorded a 95% of patient satisfaction rate among the ones who enrolled due to COVID. It is impressively serving the remote care at the home while reducing the hospital stays for the patients.