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Meditech EHR takes the initiative to streamline the workflow of COVID-19 vaccination

Meditech EHR comes up with the initiative for streamlining their workflow with the covid-19 vaccination. It introduces an online tool which is free for the clients.

Meditech this week has opted for unveiling a new online tool that is completely free for the clients. It is working with the goal to enable the easier and effective way of COVID-19 vaccination. Also, adding it to any menu within the records of electronic health. It is going to help the providers more for the easy administering of the vaccine to their patient.

How does it matter? This web-based fast vaccination comes with immense speed and mobility. As Meditech says, it is going to help their customers to distribute the vaccination in the EHR of their workflow. It comes with the innovative standard of clinical settings, high-volume settings, using tablets like the pop-up of inoculated sites.

The quick vaccination system is going to enable the automatic defaults for the administration data and key vaccination. Therefore, the shortening of time for documentation of vaccine administration is going to enable the sites for more effective vaccination.

The larger trend also includes Epic and Cerner, along with Microsoft, Mayo Clinic, Salesforce, etc., who are the EHR vendors. They announced a new vaccine credential initiative, which is going to add more speed to the FHIR standard to enhance security. The aim is to create a new data infrastructure to administer the COVID-19 vaccines in the nation.

As the vaccines have started rolling out in the last month, the surveys are going on more major EHR vendors to find out how they are using their software to adjust the customer service and strategies to fulfill the demand in the nation.

Meditech thus taking the initiatives as they understand the vaccine administration is a huge task, and they are preparing for the various scenarios to meet the need. According to them, the quick vaccination tool is going to help in streamlining the process of care provided for the COVID-19 vaccine as per the CDC guidelines.