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Mastercard, b.well is launching tech for enabling patient ID verification

This technology is very useful for the near future to present proof for the COVID-19 vaccination.

b.well Connected health, which is consolidating with the data of an individual on its platform across the providers, insurers, devices, and pharmacies, are now opting for a partnership. The partnership is along with Mastercard Thursday to assist along with the patient ID verification when accessing all the services.

The Mastercard’s ID Verification service is now aiming at allowing for the healthcare organizations to easier authentication of patient identification. This is going to take place along with their mobile phones.

b.well leaders noted that the technology could come in handy shortly, along with its so-called passports for vaccines. 

Embedding the identity solution of Mastercard is now going to greatly increase the assurances that the person behind the mobile device is going to get more access. He is the person who is aggregating the medical records insurance and other healthcare data, according to Philips Johnson.

The question regarding how to verify the patient identification while maintaining privacy is surely a thorny one. Moreover, with the stakeholders and policymakers batting around with many solutions. 

According to b.well, its partnership along with Mastercard is going to allow healthcare organizations to replace the process of identification.

The service is now combining government ID document scanning with facial biometrics. Also, along with mobile phone intelligence for the automated verification of users.

This partnership is saying that Valdes has the structure to give the users more control over their personal information. Hence it is making interactions along with the providers and for the health plans in a much seamless way.

According to companies Mastercard, ID Verification is now complying with National Institute of Standards and technology Identity Assurance Level 2. It is getting the citation which uses cases for involving patient data sharing.

It is now enabling people to prove their identity seamlessly and securely in both the physical and digital world with its various benefits.