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iPads for telehealth can help patients with depression

Heritage Clinic, which is a behavioral health provider, is giving tablets to help the patients to connect with the clinicians along with their families.

It is enabling improvements for mental health.

Pasadena, California-based Heritage Clinic, which works as a division of the Center for the Aging Resources, is opting to provide mental health services in L.A. However, it is specifically for older adults who are experiencing a very persistent concern for mental health.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many services were provided for the clients in the homes or anywhere in the field. For some, who were unable to leave their home, the sessions with their clinician were among the few social interactions. Others are the homeless people without the four-wall security.

They are also braving the elements and the potential violence on the streets. Many of them are having various medical issues which are creating complications in their life. Telemedicine for them is simply working as a brilliant solution to maintain regular therapy. 

It is also allowing the clines to get help without risking their health. Many clients who have never used the technology before are becoming familiar with video calling for connecting.

Heritage clinic is using the, Zoom along with the Microsoft Teams video for the conferencing system to leverage telehealth. However, it is using the GrandPads and iPads as the hardware.

Telemedicine has solved the issue with isolation and the risk of exposure to in-person therapy. Using and other hardware clients can speak and see the clinicians on a regular basis in the safety of their home. The phone sessions are also another option. But the personal connection is not that reliable without the video features.

The GrandPads or the iPads for telehealth are very helpful for the clinicians as they are serving individuals who do not have smart devices or even the basic internet. The PHQ 9 outcome is also measuring depression symptoms, and the Heritage Clinic is administering the measures every six months for the client