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Intermountain and its subsidiary analytics are helping to manage value-based care

With working in a close manner with Castell, the cost of patient care has decreased in a significant way, according to its chief analytics officer.

In 2011, Intermountain Healthcare made its deliberate decision to move more assertively towards value-based care. The Salt Lake City-based health system believes that to drive much greater affordability and quality for the communities, it is going to serve its needs and engagements. It is also going to proceed with value-based care contacts.

Castell states its journey in 2019 to help providers, ACOs, payers, and others. It is now making better use of its data and manages the demands of all the value-based reimbursements. The gains were also more into affordability and to the quality of care which is getting the delivery.

However, only half of the patients in the value-based care arrangements of Intermountain got the treatment with these employed providers.

To drive better affordability and better quality across the communities, the authority realized that they need to help clinics others. They are going to help to increase their capability in delivering more value-based care service in a high-performance way.

Thus Intermountain needs end-to-end data to set it across the network. It is helping the providers and care teams to understand more about their needs of their patients using the data from across the full continuum.

Castell is now using Arcadia Analytics for building a very much scalable analytics capability across more than 800000 lives. Also, it provided more than 1600 providers along with hundreds of clinics. 

The analytics in Castell as the early adopters of the new platform of Arcadia called “Vista.” It is helping to build a polypharmacy dashboard to support the pharmacy strategy for patients along with various drugs.

It was a team sport that has used a lot of technology and much-focused data. They have Experts who partnered with people who work for Castell or work for Intermountain. This tie-up is to ensure that the data is showing you the way that is necessary for improving the decision-making process.

They have managed to achieve their quadruple aim of improving the costs and quality. They are now improving the patient experience, and circularly they see the improvements with the proper engagement.