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Indonesia extends its free telemedicine services for the COVID-19 patients

The government of Indonesia has tapped for the startups of digital health Alodokter and Halodoc to assist all the efforts.

After starting, the Indonesian government will deliver free telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients. This is specific for those patients who are having mild symptoms across the country. It will also help to ease the hospital pressure as the cases are hitting the highest records. 

This service will be served through the partnership with the digital health platforms Halodoc and Alodokter. They will provide free teleconsultations and the delivery of the medication. This announcement came from Health minister Budi Gunadi Sadikinat at a press conference. 

A report has noted that 75% of all the hospital beds have been occupied as of the 2 July. The island of Java is reporting a capacity of more than 90%. 

The health spending of the country has also increased to $13.39 billion for the COVID-19 treatment. It also includes testing, tracing, vaccination, protective gear, and drugs. 

The COVID cases in Indonesia are continuing to hit a higher record over the past two weeks. This spread is largely due to the Delta variant, which spread first in India. This has added up to nearly 300000 cases from 21 June. 

There are a total of 2.28 million cases as of late. It has been based on the data from the John Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Dashboard. The daily count has stayed over the 20000 marks since the 26th of June. Last week, President Joko Widodo came up with the announcement of the community restrictions from 3-20 July in the islands of Bali and Java. 

The positive patients in this country can get the medical services at the right time. There is no need to wait in the long lines at the hospitals. The hospitals can be prioritized for the patients who are having moderate to severe symptoms. 

This will help the country to manage the higher risks and transmissions. At the same time, it will help the country to organize the health system for higher cases.