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Hospital for Special Surgery in NY speeds up for caring vulnerable patients

HSS in NY integrates a clinical communications platform with Epic EHR and its lab system to follow an organized procedure.

When a serious lab test gets returned, it hints at the requirement of immediate action to protect the patient. In such cases, a manual outreach procedure puts an onerous burden on the lab techs. A secure clinical communication and collaboration platform, PerfectServe, deployed at Hospital for Special Surgery for this purpose.

Assistant directors of clinical applications at the HSS, Robyn Townsend, said, “Manual documentation of communication efforts presented its own set of challenges, making it harder to track turnaround times for compliance purposes.” He further adds that HSS is in line always with documentation requirements. However, the procedure’s manual characterization was more troublesome than expected. 

PerfectServe is now available on desktops and mobile users, making interdisciplinary communication easier for its 3,500 users. The application also got embedded straightly within the Epic EHR environment to ease its usability.

Townsend, in her explanation, adds, “The new system takes what used to be a manual workflow and automates it almost completely, using the platform’s intelligent routing capability to deliver results to the right person at the right time.” She even states, if any vulnerable lab result gets spotted in the LIS, an interface sends the flagged value automatically to PerfectServe.  

As per Townsend, solutions like this enhance interoperability between essential systems that improves hospital performances. This communication platform idea is advantageous for the Hospital for Special Surgery as it is capable of adding new functionally. It didn’t even need to add a new vendor or deploying new software.

HSS’s brand new automated emergency result reporting procedure gained immense success. It helps to reduce workload for staff, accelerate the caring process for critical patients, and eliminates inconsistencies oriented to reaction times.

Discussing the difficult times faced by HSS, Townsend mentions the specialty facility opened for surgeries. She says the PerfectServe integration developed showed unexpected results, benefiting both the patients and the providers.